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221108 Ikea Möbel Set.69.png


Name: Smycke

Type: Collaboration with Pascal Schwientek (Malm Bed, Lack)

          Free Preject

Date: Winter 2020/21

Note: The Lego brick and the Lego logo are the property of The Lego Group.

The IKEA Logo and product names are the property of IKEA Systems B.V.

"Smycke" shows 11 pieces of famous IKEA furniture and comes with a name sign for everyone plus a big IKEA logo sign.
It was hard to decide which models I wanted to build. Finally I made Strandmon, Malm bed and dresser, Makros, Lack, Poäng, Mammut, Fabrikör, Kallax, PS 1995 and Kipplan. 

The box is inspired by the original Bygglek IKEA Lego Set. The target group are fans, who bought a lot of different products through their life phases. Maybe the fans had back at their childhood a whole room full of Kallax filled with toys. Now they switched to a minimalistic Malm bedroom. Some pieces of furniture attend us through different life phases. With this idea we can keep them in memory with small miniatures.

Why building Lego as an adult?
Building Lego is relaxing and helps to get creative. Bringing bricks together and rebuild original objects like IKEA furniture helps to understand how things are designed. Solving building problems or creating a special form is a good exercise to stimulate mindfulness and awareness. Lego isn't just a toy for children anymore. Even grand design agencies are using Lego to visualize their ideas.

221103 Ikea Möbel Set Reihe.72.png
Lego ikea Karton Szene.91.png
221108 Ikea Möbel Set.69.png

the 11 pieces of jewelry in IKEA history

the packaging, the front

the scale between the miniatures

Lego ikea Karton Szene.92.png

Strandmon, the reading armchair

the packaging, the back

Lack, the basic side table


Poäng, IKEAs most famous armchair

Kallax, the modular shelf system

Mammut, a colorful chair loved by children


Fabrikör, the metal show case

Malm bed, minimalistic and white

PS 2002, a small box with roles

Malm Kommode.81.png

Klippan sofa, in different colors available

Makros, Dandelion lamp

Malm dresser, perfect for clothes

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