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Name: Schubert

Type: Collaboration with OUT (Objekte unsere Tage)

         Project in Course "The New OUT Object"

Date: Summer 2020

OUT ("Objects of our days") is a young design label from Berlin, which has gained more and more notoriety in recent years. They design and produce furniture in Germany with a regional sustainable background. Meanwhile OUT distributes many products via Connox and other design platforms. 

In this project, we worked together as a collaboration on a new metal shelf for their collection. The focus was on manufacturing costs as well as keeping the style in OUT's design.

"Schubert" is a modular powder-coated metal shelf for any living situation. It consists of eight pieces that simply slide into each other. In addition, it is easy to mount to the wall, because first the bracket is attached and the shelf is just hung. The name of the product follows the tradition that an OUT product is always given a German surname. Furthermore, one of the modules has a recess for hanging clothes. The depth is ideal for storing A4 books or magazines. At the same time, the place of use of the shelf in the apartment is flexible.

Since the individual parts are laser cut and beveled, no welding is required. This makes the production uncomplicated and inexpensive. 

Find more OUT products at:

230414 Rendering Szenererie.1.png

shelf combined with the OUT "zebe" table

creates place for all your belongings

230227 schubertnew.28.png
230227 schubertnew.29.png

different colors available, the black elements stay

rectangular cut-outs for less massive use of metal


the bar, that holds the whole shelf on the wall

the folded cut-out fixes the shelves


version 1 - basic

version 2 - upwards

version 3 - in the middle

The Video is a marketing spot for OUT. The music is inspired by Berlin's famous techno music, while OUT's showroom is located in the popular Berlin Kreuzberg district. It shows how the shelf is constructed. 

Schubert OUT Poster
Plakat Schubert OUT
Poster Schubert OUT

I have designed three posters for Schubert. The first one shows the OUT colors in which the shelf is available. The second poster presents the Zebe table together with my design and the last one is a collection of all facets of the shelf.

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