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I've participated in the LeManoosh x Sam Does Design Keyshot Render Contest while my internship at Pearl Creative in Stuttgart, Germany. The topic was to design and render something what you can plug on a Nintendo Switch instead of the common Joy-Con. I am very happy to announce, that the ëj is one of the three winners of the competition.

My ëj DJ-Controller helps beginners of all ages to learn how to mix music. It is a portable fun-bringer at every party. There is no need to practice a long time with expensive equipment and a complex software. You don't need an extra laptop, because you have your interface right on the Switch screen. If you have mastered the basics, you can also get more professional with effects and other functions.

Name: Nintendo ëj DJ-Controller

Type: Internship project at PEARL CREATIVE (now: Studio Storti)

          LeManoosh x Sam Does Design Keyshot  Render Contest Winner

Date: Winter 2021

The ëj has the same size as the Switch screen. That is the reason why it is easy to transport for example in a small bag. The DJ Controller has additional speakers for a better sound experience. The user can also connect a speaker via Bluetooth. Furthermore there is the possibility to combine other devices with aux cables.

The three different UIs are showing the main screen, the stack and the song library. The songs can be load on the A (blue) or B (red) side of the controller. In the stack the user can see additional details to every song like the BPM. He or she can change the order of the songs for every side, too.

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or new foundation: Studio Storti


3 different UI screens show the basic functions of the software.

the casual Nintendo Switch in comparison the the ëj upgrade


details of the controller

the ëj from all perspectives

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