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230129 Make2D perspektive WHITE.png

Name: feeel

Type: Bachelor Thesis, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Topic: Haptics + Gaming; The relevance of haptics in video games: The               development of a modular handheld gaming console focused on               new game mechanics

Date: June 2022 - February 2023

As life becomes more and more digital, the haptic sensation in everyday life is being lost. This was also noted by John Naisbitt in 1982, who commented: "The more digital, virtual and thus sensory-poorer the world becomes, the more people long for real experiences and genuine experience (Naisbitt in Hartmann, Haupt, 2016, pp. 16-17). The sense of touch is very relevant for humans and also influences the general feeling towards objects (Schiekiera, 2012). Especially the gaming industry is continuously working on integrating the tactile perception of players more into the gaming experience. Thus analog control elements are being used, which transmit information continuously and which take into account the force exerted by the user (Freundorfer, Forster, 2004, p. 5-6). The goal is to make it easier for players to immerse themselves in the game world (GamesCoop, 2012, p.77). 
Although control options are improving, not much has changed in the control principle since the invention of the directional pad in 1980 in the "Game & Watch" handheld consoles as well as the "NES" from "Nintendo" (Kartsios, 2021, pp. 54, 94-95). Although projects such as the "PlayDate" console, which is equipped with a crank, try to bring innovation into the operation, nevertheless these examples remain isolated cases. Since the sense of touch is the most important sense next to sight and the gaming industry now reaches a wide variety of user groups, the combination of haptics and gaming opens up new potential for product design in this area.

The question arises how the sense of touch can be better addressed by the control system, so that players can more easily achieve an immersion. How can tactile perception be trained and improved through video games? 
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to answer these questions and to implement them in a concept for a handheld game console.

230419 feeel Rendering 04.3.png
230419 feeel Rendering 04.4.png

front of the console with 6 slots

sliding mechanism

230419 feeel Rendering 04.10.png
230419 feeel Rendering 04.14.png

upright screen

screen and controller can be loaded independently

230102 Module Rendering 02.33.png
230102 Module Rendering 02.34.png

interchangeable modules

10 different modules and "blank modules"

221207 feeel Rendering 01.36.png
230102 feeel Rendering 01.37.png

Possible assignment of modules for the action-adventure game "Horizon: Zero Dawn"

Possible assignment of modules for the racing game

"Gran Turismo 7"

230108 feeel Rendering Light.png
221207 feeel Rendering 01 kleiner 02.png

atmospheric scenery

the console can be slid apart as well as the screen can be put down


screen and controller can be loaded independently


history of consoles and technical inventions

thesis with open thread binding

practical part with design

230125 Mockup Praxis Module.png
230125 Mockup Theorie Steuerung.png
230125 Mockup Theorie Haptik.png
230125 Mockup Zeitstrahl.png
230125 Mockup Theorie Geschichte 05.png
230125 Mockup Theorie Geschichte 02.png
230125 Mockup Theorie Geschichte 03.png
230125 Mockup Praxis technische Zeichnung.png
230125 Mockup Quellenverzeichnis.png
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