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221102 blade runner final.77.png


Name: Skylines

Type: Collaboration with Pascal Schwientek (Balde Runner Set)

          Free Proejct

Date: Winter 2020 to Spring 2021

Note: The Lego bricks and the Lego logo are the property of The Lego Group.

The Blade Runner logo belongs to the original owner.

The used Cyberpunk 2077 logos are the property of CD Project Red.

The "skylines" project has started with the Blade Runner 2049 city view. Pascal Schwientek ( and I wanted to build a skyline in Lego architecture style. It shows elements from the film like the pyramid in the middle. We also have constructed the model in real life, where we ordered the bricks online. Finally we made two versions: one more simple and buildable model and one version, which was ideal to us. Further we made instructions for the model. You can see the two works below.

The second model in this collection is the skyline from the famous dystopian future game "Cyberpunk 2077" (first picture). The atmosphere of Night City, where the story takes place, is as gloomy as the Blade Runner City. The difference is, that the skyline is based on a real in-game screenshot and not on an atmospheric impression. 

Both models were quite hard to build. Nevertheless, the process was a perfect render excercise in the field of light and labels.

The third model is from the Cyberpunk game too. It shows the apartment of the main character "V". This is my first attempt to build a flat with minifigures.


neon lights and advertising characterize the cityscape of "Night City"


"Cyberpunk 2077" LEGO set idea

the back of the model is also designed

Blade Runner 2049.71.png
blade runner final.72.png

"Blade Runner", ideal version, not every part is in every color available yet

buildable, cheaper version, every part is buyable

221102 blade runner final.77.png

realistic version in an atmospheric shot with colored lights

the real set

221109 Vs Apartment.113.png
221109 Vs Apartment.111.png

V's apartment, her/his closet

V and Johnny minifigures

221109 Vs Apartment.33.png
221109 Vs Apartment.112.png

the set in a bird's eye view

the bathroom, the snack machine and Nibbles, the cat

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