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Name: Stuck - Smash Social Ceilings

Type: Group Project of 14 Female Design Students

          University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Booth at the

          Salone Satellite in Milan 2022

          Cora Wild (Graphic Design, Research)

          Klara Stangl (Graphic Design, Research)

          Luisa Reissmann (Key Organisation)

          Julia Drost (Implementation)

          Noemi Mateus (Implementation)

          Chiara Maria Sgarbi (Implementation)

          Lena Ringel (Research, Implementation)

          Sahra Lietzkow (Implementation)

          Katja Grahl (Implementation)

          Thuy Tien Vo (Implementation)

          Yasemin Walter (Implementation)

          Isabel Redecke (Implementation)

          Lisa Sperber (Mail Communication)

          Adriana Schmitt

          Jasmin Kappler (Renderings, Implementation)

          Dipl. Des. Anne Boenisch (Workshop Organisation)

          Prof. Silvia Knüppel (Project Management)

Date: December 21 - June 22

The „glass ceiling“ is an unacknowledged barrier that marginalized people encounter when seeking career advancements. The extent of the effect rises due to intersectional discrimination. As young female design stu-
dents, whom will be fully part of the design industry soon, we are affected by the „glass ceiling“ through our gender and stigmatized aspects of appearance. Because of the fact that we are already experiencing the described effect paired with the lack of concern its been given, we decided that the „glass ceiling“ will play the leading role in our concept for this exhibition.

Therefore the display of the individual exhibits won‘t be the main attraction of this booth, they serve to symbolize by taking a step back. Nevertheless each design is specifically selected and their concepts are described in this publication. We are using the opportunity of this years Salone Satellite to visualize the barrier of the glass ceiling through the metaphorical display, which we create by using the plastic foil that covers the objects.

The „ceiling“ only can be lifted completely, if you work together with other visitors and thereby give yourself and others the possibility to get a clear look at the design objects underneath. To capture the effect the „glass cei-
ling“ has on the design industry in germany, we did some research by as-
king various award givers, agencies, institutes, foundations and universi-
ties about gender specific data. We got a lot of interesting answers. You can see some of them among other fragments on the foil, as part of our metaphor that portrays the social construction that is the „ceiling“ itself.

We don‘t want to work under biased circumstances. We don‘t want to be
quiet about unequal treatment. We don’t want to show new designs just for their aesthetics.
Design is political!

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