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Name: not-a-full

Type: Contribution for "Luxi" Competition (Munich Light Week)

         Project in Course "Future Reflections"

Date: Summer 2020

"not-a-full" is a contribution for the "Luxi" competition of the Munich Light Week. Even if it did not suceeded the competition, "Luxi" offers much potential to work with.


"not-a-full" is a form play of balance. It is like two circles, which are part of each other,
but they can never merge to one full circle. The whole lamp just consists of circles. One module gives light, the other one is breaking it into pieces. ​The small circle is a touch sensor, which can dim the light. You can open the lamp and change the LED-stripe of sustainability, as shown in the video below. 

​"not-a-full" is an elegant lamp, available in three different versions. For a minimalistic home, the matte black one. For Scandinavian style. the wood and white one and for a luxury hotel atmosphere, the brass one. You can find pictures of the three different types below.

Take a look at the participants and my work of the Munich Light Week (Luxi) competition 2020.



not-a-full with matte black coated elements

not-a-full with oak wood elements

not a full with polished brass elements


fitting furnishings, Bauhaus furniture

fitting furnishings, Scandinavian furniture

fitting furnishings, hotel furniture


a full home scene, with design classics

a Scandinavian home scene, wood and white

a hotel lobby with the lamp

The video shows how the lamp works and the three different styles. It was also the contribution for the Luxi competition.

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