Name: Clack and Clack 2.0

Type: Project in Course "Materialize"

          Version 2 - Free Project

Date: February 2020

In this project, all students selected an everyday object. I have chosen a clip for spokes of children bicycles. First I've analyzed the formal facts in a graphic. Afterwards I tried to make music with the sound of the clips. I like the shape of the object and it inspired me to use it as a lamp. An unique feature of the design is, that all parts are just sticked into each other. I named the object after the noise of the spokes clip: "Clack".


This is just a prototype. I used to discover that the bottom boards need to be attached better. A year later I decided to create a second version made out of translucent acryl glass. It is smaller than the first lamp to arrange severel light objects.


clack 2.0 

the new version is made out of 20 parts


all parts are lasercutted

the shape was the most interesting part on this


the old model

all parts are just sticked togehter


the prototype is made out of filament and wood

the next step is to improve some imperfections


wood and white are merging into a unity

the translucent plastic shows the 3d-print infill

IMG_5620 new.jpg
IMG_5631 new.jpg
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