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Name: Sound Stack 

Type: Semester project in the course "Connecting and Separating"

          Master Degree

Date: Summer 2023

The "sound stack" system is a stackable, portable and modular speaker concept that offers an intense 360-degree sound experience thanks to its round design.
It consists of five different modules that also function independently as solo units. This means that the dimmable light can be taken camping, among other things, or the powerbank can be used to charge devices on the go. The control element, which is placed on a small module last, offers the possibility to change songs by mixing or effects. The stand with handle makes it easy to take along, so the "sound stack" can become the center of any event. The basic idea is the common, connecting music listening on the road as well as at home. There the speaker column promises both centrally in the group or placed in a room, music enjoyment at a high level. No matter where the listeners are they are part of the sound and the experience.

The central element is the plug-in connection, which is modeled on the stacking tower for toddlers. The the natural force of gravity supports the the loading process, since the electronic contact surfaces of the elements touch each other during stacking. The powerbank provides additional power for all modules, so that a long operating long operating time of the boxes is guaranteed. The "sound stack" is on the one hand a technically precise device, but on the other hand it is also part of the interior design and should therefore radiate a homely atmosphere. 
For this purpose, the color combination lavender and olive green and a textile and a textile surface. 
In addition to the specified colors, personalization via an online store is also conceivable. Customers could put together their own colors and required modules there.

230724 Rendering Stapel 01 logo.png
230703 Rendering Stapel 01.bip.59.png
230704 Rendering Stapel 02.bip.60.png

all modules stacked on the stand

the current flows by contact charge

230701 Box gross 2 stueck.47.png
230702 Musikbox Gross mit Handy.49.png

the big bluetooth box delivers convincing sound

the rubberized buttons offer all important functions like skip or pairing

230702 Musikbox Gross mit Handy.58.png
230702 Staender.57.png

exploded view

the stand with the logo

230702 Musikbox Klein.52.png
230702 Musikbox Klein.50.png

the small bluetooth speaker

the modules can also be taken independently

230702 Musikbox Gross mit Handy.53.png
230705 Licht aufgehangen.64.png

the dimmable lamp creates atmospheric light

the modules can also be taken independently

230703 Steuerungsmodul.55.png
230702 Musikbox Gross mit Handy.56.png

with the control module, users can customize the songs according to their preferences

the powerbank can be used to charge other modules as well as your own cell phones

230710 Werbebild Strand.png
230725 Skizzenblatt Prozess Designing.png

outdoor rendering

design process

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