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230331 Entwurf Poster Semesterstart Rock FINAL.png


In my volunteer position in the student cultural center & bar "Casino FHP", I can always design new advertising materials for events that are hung up in the city and in bars. Since the events and music genres are different, the development of the posters is very varied and educational in addition to my product design studies. 

In addition, I create smaller digital illustrations in my spare time.

230331 Poster Can U Dig It.png
230331 Entwurf Poster Semesterstart Rock Mockup.png
230331 Mockup Poster_1.png

alternative music poster

mockup via

230402 Mockup Karte.png
230403 Ramen Shop Totebag Mockup.png
230402 Mockup Karte 02.png

crew pass techno party

mockup via

ramen shop made with rhino & keyshot, tote bag mockup

mockup via

artist pass techno party

mockup via

230402 Illustration Sticker Mockup.png
230403 Illustration Sticker Rund Blume Mockup 02.png

small illustrations of everyday objects, sticker

mockup via

flower illustrations (poppy, cornflower, hydrangea)

mockup via

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